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Who We Serve We work with maintenance professionals to improve reliability & address plant/mill infrastructure repairs.

What we know is…

If your team is more efficient, tasks become easier, and the work is more likely to be done right.

Maintenance operations are lean and time is in short supply. However, everything still has to be maintained. Count on us for the latest in reliability improving products that are quick, easy and effective. We can make those infrastructure repairs doable with your own crew on your own time and it’s all easier than you think.

Our Applications What kind of project are you working on?


Anchoring, grouting, and foundation installation for rotating equipment.


All things related to bolting hardware, equipment, and best practices.

Concrete & Floor Repair

Everything from complete foundation replacement to general floor patching.

& Lining

Coatings and linings for any application: acid proofing, caustic exposure, slip proof, and more.


Proactive and reactive solutions to water penetration, leaks, and damage.


Vibration reduction and lubrication to improve equipment reliability.