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1. Educate Your Employees

Most laborers do not understand why they’re grouting equipment; it just seems like another menial task. But by spending just a few minutes learning why grouting correctly is critical to the success of the entire job, your team is more likely to get it done right the first time.

2. Communicate a Clear Plan

Before beginning to grout the equipment, ensure that each crew member is assigned to a specific task. It is important to allot labor correctly to increase grouting efficiency and to ensure each step is completed correctly. Its surprising how many job sites have half of their laborers standing around for most of the day while grouting.

3. Cut Labor Costs

If your project requires a significant volume of grout, don’t rely on brute manpower. It will save you time and money (in labor costs) to just rent grout-specific equipment to handle the bulk of the labor. Plus, by eliminating the majority of strenuous labor from grouting, your crew will be more likely to get the project completed correctly.

4. Decrease the Duration

Don’t drag out the grouting unnecessarily for days or weeks. Along with lengthening your project’s timeline and increasing labor costs, this can increase the likelihood of human errors. So be sure to invest some time in advance of the start date to plan out the grouting project from beginning to end. Ensure that sufficient product is ordered, laborers are prepared, and necessary equipment is rented so that the entire process can be completed as quickly as possible.

5. Partner with a Pro

No matter how much you prepare for the grouting process, there is always a chance for an unforeseen issue to arise. Maybe you didn’t order enough grout to complete the job and find that it will take two weeks to arrive. Perhaps the grout seems to be cracking or not drying correctly. When this happens, you can try calling the salesman you’ve ordered from, but they will probably know less about the issue than you do. So it is wise to always have an expert on hand to give advice based on their expertise. 

Fortunately, Indcon offers “Professional Grouting Consultation” at no cost to you and with no obligation.

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