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Pulp & Paper

Indcon supplies materials, custom designed equipment and unique packaging used in the construction and maintenance by contractors who are involved in pulp and paper construction, including paper machine installations and rebuilds, and industrial maintenance services.

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Concrete Repair, Restoration, & Waterproofing

Concrete repair and water proofing applications span virtually every market and are needed to satisfy many needs for construction and maintenance. Whether your application is Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Infrastructure or who knows what, we have the right products and equipment from the leading manufacturers ready to help you get it done.

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DOT Bridge & Highway

Bridges and highways across the US are critical components of our vibrant economic engine. So building and maintaining them is a big deal. We supply all of the materialsĀ and accessories you’d need to construct and maintain Bridge and Highway infrastructure.

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Water / Wastewater

Water treatment, sewage, and wastewater facilities operate in extreme environment conditions.We offer a wide range of products and solutions for any of the applications you’ll see in the Water Wastewater market. Whether it’s new construction, rehabilitation or maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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