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Maintaining the overall health and integrity of your plant’s floor may not seem like a huge part of overall operations, but it is. Everything starts on the ground floor – from foot traffic, to forklift traffic. Small cracks lead to big cracks and big cracks could lead to having to replace an entire area of the floor which could cost production time and decreased efficiency.

It would be nice if your floor was one single huge concrete pad. The reality is that a floor is made up of 100s of slabs separated by joints. The purpose of these joints – to prevent random cracking in the concrete as it shrinks. Since raw materials and finished goods need to be transported, naturally, each individual joint is a transition point that forklifts and employees must cross.

Once the corner of a joint is damaged, spalling can occur, creating a weak point and could create potential loss of production and/or safety concerns which could cost you money. 

How Spalled Joints Could Be Costing You Time & Money

  1. A vehicle/forklift is taken out of service due to damaged wheels, axels, etc. resulting in vehicle repair AND loss of available time.
  2. A batch is spilled and damaged, creating a loss of raw materials or finished goods.
  3. Every time a forklift has to waste time taking an alternate route to avoid a damaged area, this is time lost that could be used elsewhere.
  4. An employee trips and falls – you’re out of a worker’s production, in addition to safety fines/workers comp, endless paperwork. 

Maintenance professionals need quality repair materials that allow them to do more repairs with the limited time they have. Also, save money by using the equipment they may already have, and without any additional manpower. Here are a few cost-effective repair materials that could benefit maintenance professionals:

Material Ease of Application Time to Take Traffic Required Steps
Fast Set Structural Concrete repair for random small cracks/surface spalls/pop outs as low as 1/64inch 
(Rapid Refloor)
Dual cartridge with gun for dispensing or by hand in small amounts.  15-30 min 3 steps
– Remove loose spalls, debris with hammer and chisel or dry cut saw with diamond blade
– Overfill
– Grind off excess with grinder with medium grit pad or hand grinding stone
Rapid Setting, 2 component polyurea polymer for spalled joints, filling random cracks for hard wheels/heavy loads
(SPAL-PRO 2000)
Dual cartridge gun or mixed with paddle for bigger applications Moderate loads:15 mins
Heavy: 30 mins
3 steps as listed above
Semi rigid polyurea joint filler to fill and protect joints in high traffic areas
(RS 88)
Dual cartridge gun or mixed with paddle for bigger applications Light: 30 mins
Heavy: 1 hour
3 steps as listed above

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