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You’ve spent the money to get the right flooring for your production areas. It’s perfect. Now you have to maintain it’s like new condition to make sure it can do the job of protecting your concrete floors. 

The new surface will be subjected to impact, normal wear, dragging pallets, cleaning chemicals and high temperature water. These conditions will attack the new surface and will eventually compromise some part of it. It’s not what you want to happen, but it will. The key is to address the failures immediately. Any damage left un-repaired could get worse given the harshness of the service.

These areas can be a path to water getting under your flooring leading to bacteria growth that could cause the flooring to fail.

Take some simple steps to make sure you have a plan to protect your investment

  1. Set aside a time to inspect the condition of your flooring each week. Just a quick walk-through. Pay attention to areas that have been a problem in the past.
  2. Have some materials to make these repairs on hand. Make sure you have items specifically designed to repair each type of flooring you have. (epoxy, urethane cements, concrete)
  3. Coordinate with production leaders to insure they understand how critical the repairs are for their production ability. 
  4. Get some guidance from an expert. There are many guides and videos available to make your maintenance people comfortable with making the repairs.
Flooring Type    
Urethane Cement Verde-floor Patch Kit 
Covers 15sf@1/4”
Available in gray or red
Verde-coat Urethane top coats, various types, liquid applied coating
Epoxy Flooring Rapid Refloor repair
Cartridges, 10 oz 
Stratrock Thin Pour Epoxy repair and grout
Floor Joints Spal-pro 2000
Dual cartridge, 22oz
Sika 1A sealant, polyurethane for expansion joints
Concrete Stratarock SR15 or SR 30
General concrete repair 1” plus
Stratarock TR100
Thin repairs up to 1”


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