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There is a wide variety of material on the market designed to be applied to concrete floors to seal and protect. The best know are Epoxy Based and come in many grades. They can be poured to self-level, squeegeed, rolled, troweled or placed as a grout topping. While they are good for basic applications, epoxy-based products have very similar characteristics and have a very narrowly defined range of service. However, they tend to be resistant to the most commonly used industrial chemicals. But, they do fall short of the mark for two key characteristics: Resistance to Thermal Shockand Large Scale Seamless Installation.

So, what are the characteristics of Urethane Cements that make them so appealing? There are really 5 main points that make this versatile material a great choice for repair and protection. 

Long-Term Durability

Unlike mortar joined quarry tile and acid brick, POLYURETHANE CONCRETE Seamless Systems absorb direct impact blows by distributing the loads throughout the system.

Thermal Shock Resistance

POLYURETHANE CONCRETE is unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles and withstands extreme temperature ranges while in service and during cleaning. Unlike other flooring systems, POLYURETHANE CONCRETE won’t delaminate due to thermally induced stresses.

Impact and Chemical Resistance

Systems have been resisting damage from caustics, organic and inorganic acids, solvents and most other commonly used chemicals for over 30 years.

Slip Resistance

Surface profile can be adjusted to provide varying degrees of skid inhibition.

Fast Turnaround with No Odor

Low odor makes it possible to keep adjacent workspaces open during installation and cure.

It’s the combination of all of these properties that makes urethane cements a great alternative to traditional materials. Give us a call to discuss how these materials can address problems you have with the process, storage or traffic areas.

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