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Concrete is widely available, customizable to each application and affordable. These traits make it ideal for equipment foundations. It is also the most widely used method for adding mass to a critical piece of equipment or process skid. But, for all its positive traits, there are a few characteristics it’s lacking that would make it better. The truth is there are alternatives to concrete with most of the traits already discussed and other very desirable ones.

Below are five unique benefits to fast-setting concrete:

1. Set Time

There are products and additives that can produce a concrete or concrete-like material that can attain an initial set much faster than convention mixes. Some as fast as just minutes. This is to allow for other work on the foundation to begin much faster. 

2. Strength Gain

Many of these concrete substitutes will reach the design strength of basic concrete in as little as 24 hours. Many reaching an acceptable strength for setting equipment in 8 to 12 hours. This would allow for work to continue on the next shift instead of waiting 3+ days or even more before proceeding. 

3. Hydration Process

We know cements have to hydrate to gain strength and that this takes some time. For Portland cement that time is widely accepted as 28 days. However, there are many other cements and blended cements that can drastically cut that time to as little as 8 hours. 

4. Uses Same Techniques

The great thing about most of these products is that they are placed the same as conventional concrete. The forming and rebar design stay the same. You end up with a reinforced concrete foundation usually stronger than originally designed. 

5. Flexible Schedule

One up-side to these products is the flexibility you get when it comes to your schedule. You can perform the placement on your own time table without having to schedule deliveries of concrete. This is particularly beneficial on the weekend or if you have fallen behind and need to pour sooner than the concrete plant can deliver. 

Which Fast-Setting Concrete is Right for Me?

While there are many options, you’ll need to match the right product with your specific application, time, and budget. Contact us today about the alternatives available for your project if you don’t see a good fit below. 

Materials Load Bearing by Time Packaging Option Overcoat Time
Five Star Structural Concrete ES 3,000 psi after 6 hours
4,500 psi after 24 hours
50 lb, 800 lb, 3000 lb 24 hours
Five Star Structural Concrete Std 2,500 psi after 3 hours
5,000 psi after 24 hours
50 lb 12 hours
Sikacrete 211 2,000 psi after 24 hours 80 lb
SikaQuick 2500 2,500 psi after 1 hour
4,000 psi after 2 hours
5,700 psi after 24 hours
50 lb 4 hours

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