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Let’s face it, nearly every installation of process equipment is time sensitive these days. Ultra-competitive markets and slim profit margins force most companies to limit even planned down-time to the bare minimum. Saving the cure time for conventional grouts could mean getting back 8, 12 even 24 hours of production time. Cement and epoxy chemistry have made great strides in the ability to get fast strength gains while still providing the properties needed for most industrial applications. 

But it’s important that you choose the right material for your application. You’ll want to consider some key factors before you decide.

What properties do you need for the installation?

Not, what material has the highest strengths in every category. If you need fast turn-around, you will have to sacrifice some of those characteristics. Many of which were overkill anyway. 

What is your target start-up time?

Be realistic. What do you need based on the other work going on. Don’t just choose the fastest. Because the more time you cut, the more other traits may be diminished. 

How placeable will it have to be?

Consider the clearances under your equipment. The material must be able to flow into place. Most of these fast setting materials can’t be pumped. So, they’ll have to be able to flow into place. 

What will the conditions be during placement?

The temperature will likely have the biggest affect on the working time. Make sure you are reasonably sure of the temps or condition the area to make the temperature conform to your needs. If you don’t have the time to place it properly, you’ll need to choose another product that will yield you the support the equipment will need to increase it’s reliability in the future.

What’s the extra time worth?

Quick-turnaround grouts are more expensive than standard precision grouts. Consider what the time you’re saving is worth. Reserve these materials for those applications that will have a bigger impact on your schedule.

In Conclusion

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re getting good information and advice from experienced product specialist. Take advantage of their wide and varied experience. It could prove valuable in the end.

Material Start-Up Time Yield
Five Star Rapid Epoxy Grout 8 hours 0.5 cubic feet
Stratarock Deep Pour Fast Set Epoxy Grout 8 hours 0.5 cubic feet
Five Star Instant Grout 4 hours 0.44 cubic feet
Dayton Turbo Grout LT12 3 hours 0.41 cubic feet
SikaGrout  428FS 5 hours 0.5 cubic feet


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