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Re-coating a secondary containment area seems to be pretty easy. I mean, it’s just paint right? Well, it may brush or roll on like paint, but chemical resistant coatings are much more. Before you jump into self-performing a coating like this, you need to consider that you might need a contractor. Here’s some things to think about.

1. What’s the level of difficulty?

If this going to be a simple re-application of primer and topcoat you should consider doing it yourself. Of course, there will be some prep required. But it should be easily done with the tools you have with some direction.

If the system is new and will require reinforcement at joints and transitions, you might want to get a professional to look at it.

You could probably self-perform if a grout type system is to be used if you have people that have poured grout or done general concrete repair.

However, if it is a troweled down system with reinforcement, you should get a contractor to do it.
The decision has to be based on the skill level of your people.

2. Do you have the equipment needed for the application?

Liquid applied coatings are usually rolled or brushed. You generally mix them with a drill and paddle. That’s easy. But a more complicated system may require special prep, heating, inter-coat prep, coving or other tasks that might require special equipment. Consider the cost of the equipment before you decide to do these systems yourself.

Download a checklist of the items you might need if you decide to do it yourself:

Download Our Coating & Lining Repair Checklist

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