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With the wide range of chemicals and compounds used in Chemical Production these days, there’s no way to use one product. You need to consider a few things before you decide what you’ll use.

1. What’s the basic chemistry of your product in this containment or production area?

Some coatings are designed for acid service while others are specifically for caustic. There are even choices for single common chemicals like sulfuric acid. This can be tough when a single containment is common to multiple processes.

2. Will there be an abrasion from traffic, dragging pallets, steel totes etc?

This is critical. You’ll have to make your system resistant to this if you expect it to last.

3. What will the temperatures of the materials be?

You need to make sure the coating can take it or make other arrangements to allow for cooling prior to contacting the coating.

Choosing the right coating key. Check out this guide to get you to the best choice for your project:

Product Selection Guide for Containment Coatings

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