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Your concrete isn’t just exposed to general wear and tear like a plant floor or warehouse. Your concrete takes a beating from steam, traffic, metal totes and the chemicals you’re processing. You need repair materials that can take it.

Here a few things to consider when planning your next repair project.

1. The chemical exposure

What is the predominant chemical or mix of chemicals that this area will have to stand up to? Your material will have to withstand exposure to these chemicals for a specified time.

2. Expected service for area

Is this area a secondary containment, loading area, storage, processing floor or something else? This will add the effects of temperature, traffic and abrasion to your list of things to consider.

3. Inside or outside

If your area is outside, you’ll need to choose a material that is resistant to ultraviolet light.

Here’s a basic guide to the types of chemical resistant repair materials and how they fit with these considerations:

Product Selection Guide for Chemical Resistant Concrete Repair Materials

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