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So, you’ve determined that you need to re-grout a pump, but it’s not something you do very often. Refresh your memory with the guide below.

1. Make sure you choose the right grout for your application.

Utilize available application guides or call an expert to have them walk you through the selection process.

2. Prepare your foundation for the best bond.

This may mean roughening the surface by bushing or chipping and even pre-soaking with water depending on the grout you’ve chosen.

3. Form the area to be grouted.

Make sure your forms are sealed well enough that they could hold water.

4. Use the right mixer.

Make sure you use a mixer with the right mixing action for your grout. Violent action for cements and low speed for epoxies.

5. Fill the forms to insure air displacement.

Use a technique that won’t trap and air creating voids under the plate or base. Pour from one side or the middle depending on the configuration of your base.

6. Cure and protect.

Make sure you allow for adequate cure time prior to start up. Wet cure and apply curing compound for cements and protect from water and direct sun for epoxies.

Now that you’ve got a rough guide for your pour, take an inventory of what tools and equipment you’ll need to get it done. Do so with our “Cement Grouting Checklist” and our “Epoxy Grouting Checklist” below:

Cement Grouting Checklist

Epoxy Grouting Checklist

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