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There are far too many repair options to cover them in a single email. So, we’ve picked two options for a very common issue. Look around the mill and you’re sure to see this one. A large piece of concrete cracked off the corner of a foundation. It may be on the floor or even still holding on to rebar or an anchor bolt. Here are two easy fixes for this condition that won’t take long to do.

Option 1

Clean separated piece of concrete and area if came from. Make sure they are both free of dust. Then liberally apply Ultrabond 1 epoxy adhesive to the surface of the piece coating it completely. Press the piece into the area it came from. Use a couple of clamps or a piece of lumber to hold it until hardened.

Option 2

Clean the area that has been exposed and saturate it with water to pre-soak the surface. Then mix a bag of SR VO Vertical and Overhead repair and trowel it into the damaged area layering until totally restored.

These are two of the most common methods. However, you have far more options available to you for most repairs. Call a concrete repair pro to get more info on repairs for your particular issue. Indcon, Inc 888-809-2365.

Once you’ve decided how to make your repair, make sure you have everything you need with out concrete repair checklist.

Concrete Repair Checklist

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