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Discovered damage in your pit or chest linings? Regular inspections are key to planning work for mill outages. Once you’ve made an assessment, you have an idea of what you’ll need to plan for on the schedule and for your budget. Most people still wait to perform the repairs and assume the damage will have progressed by the outage.

Why not make the temporary repairs during the inspection? It could slow or prevent any additional damage that might continue to progress until your planned project date.

Take a look at some options that will keep the surprises at a minimum when you open up that chest or pit down the road.

Chest and pit lining repair products:

Material Applies to what surfaces? Time before re-filling with stock/water
540 UW Underwater Epoxy Repair Vertical, horizontal Initial set, 20-40 minutes
Microline 380-R 6-8 hours
2600-LS 4-8 hours

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