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“Fixing small cracks in the concrete didn’t seem to be worth the effort. I mean, they’re just cracks. What real harm could they do?”

Now those small cracks are wide enough to cause issues. You’re having to put down steel or plywood to cover areas to prevent tripping. Maybe you even have to re-route your traffic to reduce the potential damage to forklifts.

You don’t have to improvise or just make do when you address this very common problem. The truth is, you can restore these areas without the down time or inconvenience you assume you’ll suffer and it won’t cost you as much as you think. The materials you’ll need are as advanced as all of the tools you use for your manufacturing process. They allow for application in all sorts of conditions and are fast setting to take traffic in a snap. Plus the need for unique tools is zero and you can easily get the info on how to do it yourself.

Get the guide to addressing cracks larger than 1/8” here.

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