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You’ve noticed that the joints in your higher traffic areas look like they’re getting wider. The edges of the concrete seem to be “chipping away.”

Now is the time to prevent any further damage to these joints. Afterall, you need the concrete floors in your plant to be in shape to support your operations for a long time and you can’t afford to replace them. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Most concrete floors are left with joints that are open because the conventional wisdom is that these joints are small and not really affected by large rubber forklift tires. There’s also the fact that the cost of filling all of the joints is just not worth it. There’s just too many feet to fill.

Now that you’re in operation, you have established traffic patterns and that means some joints will get the brunt of the traffic related damage. The open joints allow for the force of the lift in motion to impact the corner of the joint. This is visible in the spalling or chipping you see. You need to prevent this damage and repair the spalls to insure a smooth transition over the joint. It’s easier than you think and it won’t cause any disruption to your routine.

Get the step-by-step guide to joint filling and repair in one step.

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