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Perma-Patch Perma-Patch

The #1 rated asphalt, pothole, and utility cut repair option. Call to talk to someone about Perma-Patch products.

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Perma-Patch Asphalt

Perma-Patch for Utility Cuts

Perma-Patch to Repair Potholes

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Perma-Patch has been used for over twenty years by contractors and maintenance personnel to make high quality, permanent repairs while minimizing traffic interruptions. Perma-Patch eliminates constant repeat repairs necessary when using standard cold patch and even hot asphalt on the same damaged areas.

Proven Most Durable

Per Federal Strategic Highway Research Project “SHRP” Test.

High Workability

Open. Pour. Done. Easy to use with no mixing or preparation.

Extreme Versatility

Handles your toughest applications.

2 Year Shelf Life

Always ready. Keep on hand with no waste.

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