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New Construction

With Indcon, you’ll have everything you’ll need for the construction of water/wastewater infrastructure, processes and support facilities. From start to finish, every step of the way. You can count on us to be responsive, competitive and reliable.


Indcon offers a complete selection of waterstops use in constriction of tanks, basins, wet wells, lift stations and more. If you need waterstop to build it, we’ve got it.

  • Conventional PVC
  • Chemical resistant TPRE
  • Retrofit
  • Hydrophilic Swelling Non-swelling gasket Waterstop
  • Injectable Waterstop
  • Installation Accessories

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Concrete Construction Accessories

We have all of the concrete related chemicals like form release, curing compounds, bonding agents, waterproofing and patching materials along with rebar supports, wall chairs and safety caps to name a few. Let us be your source for any concrete related items you need.

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Forming Accessories

Whether it’s coil rod, pencil rod or any style of snap tie, we have it. We also offer a full range of brackets, supports and pins for most systems.

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Anchoring Fabricated Components

If you need Stainless Steel anchors for railing, we have them all. Wedge, sleeve, drop-in and even SS Titen achors for fast installation of permanent or removable applications. If your application calls for epoxy anchors, we have the full range of epoxy, hybrid and acrylic for cracked and uncracked concrete. Of course, we offer hammerdrill bits, brushes and applicator guns too!

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Equipment Setting

We’ve got your equipment setting materials covered. Cement, epoxy and hybrid grouts for any application. Anchorbolts and epoxy anchors in most sizes and in SS.

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Trench Drains

Indcon and ABT offer the full range of Prefabricated and Cast-in-place trench drain systems.

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Rehabilitation & Maintenance

We can supply you with all of the materials you’ll need for the unique challenges of rehabilitation of working in the water wastewater environment. And if you need a more cost effective method of application, we can outfit you with specially designed equipment and packaging to save you time and labor.Count on us to suggest ways to make your repairs easier to increase the chances that they’re done right.

Concrete Resurfacing and Restoration

Whether patching damaged concrete or resurfacing the surfaces of an entire tank, we have everything you’ll need. We can provide you with a complete array of materials each designed to meet the requirements for your specific application. We’ll even outfit you with the tools and equipment needed to tackle the job.

  • Hand applied materials
  • Low Pressure Sprayed

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Active Leak Stopping

We’re your best source for materials and equipment for stopping active water leaks. No matter if it’s a slow weeping or a massive gusher, we can outfit you with what you’ll need to get it stopped.

  • Water Activated Urethane Grouts
  • Fast Setting Hydraulic Cements

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Joint Repair and Sealing

If you need to seal joints, we’ve got what you need. Urethanes for exterior tank and building joints, Polysufide for submerged applications and pre-formed joint materials for faster return to service. We even supply mechanical retrofit and surface applied seals for tougher applications.

  • Sikadur Combiflex
  • Emseal Submerse Seal

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Coating Applications

Indcon offers a complete line of specially formulated polymer lining systems for municipal waste water environments. Great for manholes, lift stations, tunnels, grit chambers, digesters, wet wells, aeration basins and clarifiers. We also have a wide range of general purpose coatings for any application outside of the treatment structures.

SewerGard is a field-proven system that provides a economical solution to microbiologically induced corrosion (MCI). It is available in 8 different variations for municipal and 3 for industrial applications.

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Concrete Patching and Repair

We can supply you the right materials for your concrete repair application whether it’s horizontal, vertical or overhead. Hand applied, form and pour or sprayed, we have them all. We even have repair materials that meet the requirements of NSF61 (NSF 600).

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Equipment Setting

Setting pumps, handrails or other equipment? We have a complete line of precision grouts, epoxy and mechanical anchors and foundation repair and replacement materials.

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Whether you’re in need of technical help or are looking for a product or piece of equipment you can’t find, we’re always happy to point you in the right direction.

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