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Protective systems for concrete can be as simple as a thin film coating or as intricate as a multi-layered reinforced system. In most cases, you get the protection you pay for. More complicated means more expensive and usually better protection. But a higher level of protection often means its more complicated to install. Enter the “Polymer” concrete.

Polymer concrete is the protective system that doesn’t require specialized equipment, elaborate preparation between coats or any special skills. If you can pour grout or concrete, you can place this material. And, the level of protection is extremely high. They can be made slip resistant or abrasion resistant and they come in various bases resistant to most common industrial chemicals.

Use them to repair, encapsulate or totally replace damaged concrete pump foundations. They are also a good option for re-surfacing containment areas, sumps and trenches. Give us a call to find out which Polymer concrete is right for your application.

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