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Epoxy grout. If you have rotating equipment in heavy industry, you have to have it. But, when it’s really cold, it’s a challenge to use. So, we build shelters, heat everything for what seems like a week and it all goes well. Cold weather grouting, we’ve figured it out. Not something we long for, but we know how to get it done.

But what about those “COOL” times of the year? You know, when it’s cooler than the recommended temperature for your product until later in the day. If you’re in the South, it might be late Fall or late winter into early spring. In the Midwest and Northeast, this may be early to mid-spring or early fall. It might just get to 55 or 60 degrees by 3 pm and just for a second you think, “temps are good, let’s grout!” These are the days when you feel like you shouldn’t have to keep the heat on 24/7. But, the truth is, it’s still too cold for epoxy grout without some heating during part of each day until you get to your target strength.

The problem is, all that heating means more labor. Someone has to refuel the heaters. You’ll need a fire watch all night. It can be a drain logistically, especially if you aren’t working 24/7 on-site. You need a better option.

When the temps fall below 60, the best solution is to accelerate the epoxy grout. This process will provide much higher early strengths without the need for heating day after day. No more labor wasted on heating duty. Take a look at what accelerating epoxy grout could do for your schedule when it’s cool.

A chart showing how accelerating epoxy grout can save on time and materials in colder temperatures.

This accelerated system is a great option when you have to grout in an isolated place where setting up heat would be very difficult. Inground structures like deep water/waste-water structures, tunnel infrastructure, and places that stay at a constant temperature year-round. It’s also a good way to get back on schedule when the cool days come in the middle of a project.

Give us a call in late winter or spring when the “COOL” days are threatening your schedule.

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