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Concrete floors are an essential part of your plant infrastructure. Let’s face it, there’s no other real affordable option for large product storage areas. But, these large floor have to have joints to allow for stress relief and expansion/contraction to prevent cracking that could lead to eventual structural failure.

These joints have always been a weak point in the flooring system for areas of heavy traffic. However, the introduction of automated lifts and carts have pushed conventional joint design past its limits. These machines are precise. So precise that the wheels never vary from the most efficient and direct path. This shows up in wear patterns in the floor. However, the real damage is to the joint. These heavy loads are concentrated on smaller wheels that make the machine more maneuverable and unfortunately deliver more impact to the joints they cross while moving.

This damage creates an uneven transition at the joint. Given that these machines are so precise, any unevenness may cause them to shut down to prevent any damage or safety hazard.

Repairs to these damaged joints should be completed with materials that can take the wear and impact of this equipment that is critical to controlling costs and improving efficiency to your operation.

Take a look at some good choices for replacing the damaged concrete that should make the repaired joint less susceptible to future damage.

Joint Repair Options

Material Hardness Abrasion Resistance Min/Max Depth Return to Service Time
Euco 456RS Mortar Excellent 1/8” – 2”/ lift
Armor-Hard Extreme D92 Good 1” max/ lift 2 hrs @ 70°F
Duralflex Fastpatch D85 Good 1/4” – 3”/lift 12 hrs @ 75°F

Once you’ve repaired the joint, you’ll need to fill it. This will provide a level surface for side to side of the joint illuminating the drop impact that would otherwise occur in the space created by the empty joint. Here are some Joint Filler options you could consider.

Joint Filling Options

Material Material Type Shore Hardness Tack-Free Time Return to Service Time
Qwikjoint UVR 95 Polyurea A95-97 3-4 mins 2 hrs @ 70°F
Edge-pro 90 Polyurea A90-92 10-15 mins 45 mins @ 70°F
Crackbond JF-82 Fast Polyurea A82-84 5-10 mins 24 hrs
Sika Loadflex 524EZ Polyurea A80-85 15 mins 2 hrs @ 73°F
Euco 700 Semi-Rigid Epoxy >A100 12 hrs 24 hrs @ 70°F
MM-80 Semi-Rigid Epoxy A90-95 6-8 hrs 8-12 hrs
Semi-Rigid Epoxy A90-98 8-12 hrs 20 hrs
Sikadur 51SL Semi-Rigid Epoxy A95-100 7-8 hrs 24 hrs

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Suggested Products

Metzger McGuire Edge-Pro 90 600mL Cartridges Dovetail Gray Case 12

Metzger McGuire Edge-Pro 90 is a two-part, 100% solids, rapid-setting polyurea polymer liquid system. When cured, Edge-Pro 90 is a rubberlike solid with a hardness of Shore A 90-92.

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Adhesives Technology Crackbond JF-82 Fast 22oz Cartridge Case 12

Adhesives Technology Crackbond JF-82 FAST is a two-component, rapid curing, polyurea control joint filler designed for heavy duty traffic and freezer applications. Its solvent free flexible design allows for 10 – 15 % movement of installed joint width.

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Sika Loadflex-524EZ Joint Filler 20oz Cartridge 512007

Sika Loadflex 524 EZ is an innovative, two-component concrete joint filler specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of control joint filling. It offers a quick-setting feature and semi-rigid properties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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Euclid Euco 700 Joint Filler 2 Gallon Unit Standard Gray

Euclid Euco 700 Joint Filler is a two-component, 100% solids semi-rigid epoxy for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. This product supports the joint edges and reduces spalling of the edges caused by wheel traffic.

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Sika Sikadur 51 SL 4 Gallon Unit

Sikadur 51 SL is a two compnent, self-leveling, 100% solids, flexible, control joint resin sealer and adhesive.

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Euclid Duralflex Fastpatch .4 CF Kit

Euclid Duralflex Fastpatch is a three-component, 100% solids, low-modulus, moisture insensitive, epoxy repair kit designed to provide a high strength, wear resistant surface to worn and damaged high-use floors.

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