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Graco’s line of mortar sprayers and pumps are designed to save you labor costs and make your job easier. Hand troweling cementitious materials is time consuming, but Graco mortar sprayers and mortar pumps (piston and rotor stator) can double your productivity. With a range of sizes and capabilities, our pumps can support everything from residential jobs to large commercial projects and high-rises. And because it’s Graco, your new mortar equipment will be around for a long time! Call to talk to someone about Graco products.

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Take a look at what Indcon & Graco have to offer:

ToughTek Piston Cups

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Whether it’s mortar, grout, stucco or EIFS materials, Graco’s piston pumps easily spray base coats, finish coats – even air/water-resistive barrier materials – and deliver them with a smooth, steady flow. Great way to place grout for equipment or baseplates.

Air Powered

The ToughTek M680a piston pump handles abrasive materials such as epoxy mortars, non-skid coatings (bridges and marine industry – solvent based coatings) or cementitious materials, and tackles difficult polymers with fillers such as glass flake, silica or sand. The all stainless design makes cleanup of epoxy mortars easy and worry-free.


Engineered with Graco’s proprietary piston pump technology, the ToughTek S340e can easily handle repair mortars with small to medium sized aggregate. The S340e can also deliver all materials through long hose lengths, allowing you to spray farther distances and get the job done sooner.

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Rotor Stator Pumps

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With ToughTek rotor stator pumps, expect long-lasting durability and rugged performance – for a range of applications including fireproofing, self-leveling underlayment, grout, mortar, stucco, and EIFS.


Known as the workhorse because of its 600 psi (42 bar) output pressure, the ToughTek P40 is built for high volume applications. The high flow rate and high pressure allows contractors to pump stucco and EIFS up a tall building while keeping the pump on the ground, saving your operation time.


If you like the compact size of the P20 rotor stator pump, but are looking for more output, the ToughTek P30HT is the perfect fit for your business. Upgrade to this pump if you plan to use epoxy-based mortars (or other thick high-viscosity materials) or plan to spray taller buildings, such as sport stadiums, high-rises, apartment complexes, hospitals and parking garages to name a few.


The smallest of the three P-Series pumps, the ToughTek P20 is ideal for medium sized plaster applications as well as small jobs like pointing, or filling the spaces between stone or grout. This pump provides longlasting durability and rugged performance for even the thickest mortar materials. In addition, its compact design and light weight make it easy to transport and use on the jobsite.


The ToughTek P30X-HT is perfect for contractors who are looking for versatility and features for medium to large stucco and EIFS projects. The P30X-HT has a large 60-gallon (227 liter) hopper and offers superior performance for a variety of stucco and EIFS materials.

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Continuous Mixers

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CM40 Continuous Mixer

Ideal for larger projects, the ToughTek CM40 continuous mixer will improve your crew’s production rates with an output of up to 300 bags per hour of self-leveling underlayment. The CM40 also comes with a water flow meter and water booster pump so you can easily set and adjust water flow while maintaining water pressure, giving your operation consistent results continuously, day to day.

MP40 Mixing Pump

Use the ToughTek MP40 to mix, pump and apply pre-blended, self-leveling powder materials with a single, easy-to-use machine. Integrated design increases productivity while saving on labor costs. Innovative water-metering system regulates the flow rate for the most consistent material mix.

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